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Disability Insurance

As a professional, you have invested considerable time and money to make yourself a success. If you were suddenly disabled, how long could you sustain your current lifestyle? How could you save for your retirement? Disability insurance can assure that you have the money to continue your lifestyle without compromise.
By purchasing disability insurance, you are buying a monthly benefit, which will be paid to you, if you become disabled. The size of your benefit will depend on your level of income when you buy the plan.

You will receive the first monthly payment after the elimination period. The elimination period (usually 30, 60 or 90 days) is the time, either consecutively or cumulatively which must elapse for you to qualify for benefits. YOU decide how long your elimination period will be.

What is the definition of disability in the contract?

This is the most important point to consider. The strength of a disability contract is in its definition of disability. If you can work in any occupation, are you still going to receive a benefit? Can you work in another occupation and still receive benefits? If you can still work part time, is there a partial disability benefit provision?

Information Updates

How knowledgeable is your agent in the disability insurance marketplace? There have been numerous changes in this area. Are you up to date?

How much do you qualify for?

Most insurers ask for financial evidence at the time of application (Personal Tax Returns, usually the most recent 2 years completed, Financial Statements for Incorporated Individuals, etc.). This eliminates many problems if there is ever a claim. Generally, as a consultant, your net income is much lower than the total revenue you have generated. If you did not submit financial statements showing your net income and a statement of earnings and expenses, you may be paying for a policy and benefit amount you will not receive. A complete and thoroughly documented underwriting job by the agent must be done in order for you to receive your benefit.  We have been specializing in the disability market place for many years.  Our knowledge and no nonsense approach will make your purchase easy as we keep you informed during the entire process.


What are some of the core, built in benefits of your contract? Has it been integrated with government and spousal benefits? Are you getting the best value for your money?


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